A world filled with horror, adventure awaits for those brave enough to leave the safty of their homes and venture past the main gates into the unknown. What will our adventurers find? What awaits them in the uncharted areas of Estragar? Only time will tel

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    Charecter Description Empty Charecter Description

    Post  Dungeon Master on Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:22 am

    Describe your charecter here. Anything that is important for the others to know? Pictures welcome
    Titus Viathon Rune
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    Post  Titus Viathon Rune on Thu Jun 16, 2011 2:51 pm

    Height: 5,2 ft. Weight:119 lb.
    Hair: Brown. Eyes: Hazel.
    Clothed in either courtiers robes of Azure and Gold (Actually kingly colors but exceptions are made for Wizards...) or in midnight-blue travelers robes and a backpack of brown packed to the brim. In either garb he is in a midnight-blue and leaf-green cloak of clear Elven design, sometimes sporting a pear of unusual spectacles. By his side, concealed by the cloak, hangs a mace of clearly magical quality and a small shield of same design. The shield bears an unusual crest: A gilded "W" of artful design over an Ivory Tower in the heart of a brass sun emblem. To the careful observer it can be noted that Titus (or Rune, as some would call him) bears that same emblem upon a amulet of gold and silver around his neck, upon even closer scrutiny a slight bulge as he walks reveal the fact that two more amulets lie concealed beneath both robe and cloak. A Signet ring of steel graces his fine yet calloused hand, again bearing that same emblem. To any who have met him he is unmistakable, the inter-magical ambassador of the White Tower. A blue tribal tattoo marks one side of his face and alabaster skin marks him as a man who has spent much of his life indoors, but his confident stride and set frame note him as a man of authority and one accustomed to hardship, although he insists on a certain level of cleanliness at all times. A hawk of golden-grown plumage is always seen with him, a beast of more noble features cannot be found throughout Dragons Eye.

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