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    Vinnie, a.k.a Lavinia Goodbarrel


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    Vinnie, a.k.a Lavinia Goodbarrel

    Post  Vinnie on Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:21 pm

    Full Name: Lavinia Temperance Goodbarrel
    Nickname: Vinnie
    Age: mind ya damn business!
    Age apparent: 19
    Gender: the boob's don't give it away? Female
    Sexuality: Depends on the audience
    Occupation: Teller of tales, Singer of Truth, Minstrel and tolerattor of epic annoyances.
    Languages: Common, Halfling, Goblin, Gnome, Dwarf, Draconic, Orc, Elvish
    Species: Halfling

    Overall Appearance: (a written description; minimum one strong paragraph roughly eight sentences) Please write it as if someone is looking at your character. What would they see, the more detail the better.
    Height: 3.5
    Weight: Didn't anyone tell you it's lethal to ask a lady adventurer that...
    Eye Color: Acid Green
    Hair color: Mixed Brown
    Complexion: Tanned

    Basic Personality:
    Sardonic, sarcastic and a little bit vicious, Vinnie in her heart is still a good person all things considered. With the exception of kobolds. She has a fast mouth and a big foot and the two often combine to spectacular results. With as many brothers as she has nothing with a penis scares her that much unless its got big teeth and claws to match.

    Always on the hunt for a good story, always willing to I told you so pretty much anyone and always ready to claim more than her share of the loot, there's more beneath the beneath of this halfling and she makes damn sure no one pays enough attention to see that.

    Lavinia was born in a Halfling town of no small reputation. Her father used his spoils from his adventuring days to build the Goodbarrel tavern and settle down to raise his family. Being the only girl in the family sucked balls though and she soon got tired of scrubbing dishes and robbing- uh, serving drunks. What Vinnie loved was lingering at the bar, late into the night by the fire flame flickers and listening to the adventurers talk and plan and share tales of the daring adieu!

    Unfortunately while stories were common among halfings, Bards were not. And her father was adamantly against the idea of her adventuring, and so were the over protective testosterone jockies she called big boneheads- uh brothers. But better to start the story from the beginning...

    Once upon a time, there was a little Halfling girl. Born as she was into a family of privilege by Halfling standards but cursed with a god’s damnation for generations beyond generations to sire males upon male progeny with only the rarest and most treasured daughters. In short, no pun intended being the only girl in a family of four foot Neanderthal brothers is the wrong kind of pain in the ass, trust me, I speak form experience.

    Ralf, Ricco, Rodney, Rasten, Rubin, Rickett, Reeler and of course Steve, the adopted human our parents took in and became just the bigger big brother as we all grew up. All over protective, honest, down to earth knuckle heads who took it upon themselves to see that no harm, adventure or male attention ever came to their baby sister. Well eventually enough became enough and I caught the first open window out of there as soon as I was able to walk! Of course with no money, knowledge or skills it wasn’t long before I had no choice to come back for supper times but food is very important when your nose is at table height in most homes.

    My first real blessing came, one cold rainy night when the tavern doors opened an someone came in. A friendly if tired looking face sporting pointy and delicate features and smart enough to stoop as he entered the ‘Right Height Tavern’. Turned out that when my father was young he’d a gon’ adventuring and when he returned home to marry his sweet heart it was with enough spoils to build the Right Height – a place that became the most frequented Tavern in town for those less and Biggin height. Goblins, dwarves, Halflings....kobolds....it was a place to feel comfortable and I’m half convinced the reason they had so many children was that it was cheaper than paying for staff. Yes my young life was filled with chores and bores and dirty dishes but I learned a thing or two I suppose.... like how to dodge in a bar fight – lessons that I doubt I would have had any other way.

    Turned out this chap was a Baa-rd. Something I’d heard of but never met before. There weren’t many in town and none were Halflings but I knew they were similar to story tellers and word spinners of our own people. Fascinated it was through cunning and guile, and a really powerful spell that he managed to convenience my parents to let me be his apprentice, learn his craft.

    Time passed as it often did and years later very little had changed in our small town, the elven bard had left to travel other roads and the small band I had known most of my life and even went adventuring

    Living or dead Family:
    She's a halfling, she has many many many of both.

    But immediate family?
    Ma, Pa and the boys.
    boys (brothers) : Ralf, Ricco, Rodney, Rasten, Rubin, Rickett, Reeler and of course Steve, the adopted human

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    Vinnie's Gallery part one

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    Vinnie's Verbose Verbalisims

    Post  Vinnie on Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:41 am

    There once was a cleric form somewhere
    He was as dumb and as worthless as bum hair
    He grabbed the wrong ass
    And he had a few laughs
    'Fore she made sure that descendants, he'd have none there

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    Special Items

    Post  Vinnie on Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:20 am

    Frostbite Dagger. [1d4+1d4 Ice)
    +1 Acid Short bow
    +1 spiked chain whip (25 gp)
    Crossbow and 21 cross bow bolts

    +1 mithral armour small
    +2 Ring of Armor

    Gloves of +6 dex

    small platemail masterwork

    2x Cockatrice talons

    2 x pieces of art:
    1 x gold bracelet (55 gp)
    1 x silver comb (550 gp)

    Draconic book: Added 3 level 1 spell slots per day

    Vial of ink and ink pen

    10 x gems (hidden and sewn into clothing):
    moss agate (10gp)
    Jasper (50gp)
    Azurite (10gp)
    Zircon (50gp)
    Black Pearl (500gp)
    Alexandrite (500gp)
    Moonstone (50gp)
    Onyx (50gp)
    Malachite (10gp)
    Bloodstone (50gp)
    Gems mixed worth 50 000gp

    1 chunk adamantine



    vial of alchemic fire

    Potion of cure serious wounds

    Potion of eagles splendor

    5 strange, unmarked magical books

    Rod of mineral and metal detecting

    Deck of Many things card: Avoid any one situation

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    Vinnie's Verbose Verbalisims - Ode to two baby lizards

    Post  Vinnie on Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:39 am

    Once there were two kobolds.
    Two kobolds there they were.
    one a little boy bold
    and one a little girl.
    they survived the walk and waiting
    they survived the baby sitting bards
    Survived orcs and crocs and clerics
    But death was in the cards...

    It took them in the tower
    A scream their flesh did rend
    They died in pain together
    So on that note.
    A ha
    ppy end.

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    Vinnie's dancing

    Post  Vinnie on Wed Jun 22, 2011 6:37 pm

    On the rare occasions Vinnie's mouth is liable to get her into more trouble than usual she can play her instrument or dance as well.

    This is the style of dancing

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    Re: Vinnie, a.k.a Lavinia Goodbarrel

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