A world filled with horror, adventure awaits for those brave enough to leave the safty of their homes and venture past the main gates into the unknown. What will our adventurers find? What awaits them in the uncharted areas of Estragar? Only time will tel

    STORY THREAD : Little Inn at the Lake

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    STORY THREAD : Little  Inn at the Lake  Empty STORY THREAD : Little Inn at the Lake

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    Lilin was getting dressed as she looked over to the sleeping man in the bed. Her lust sated and he was destracted long enough. "come on you" she whispered hotly in his ear "I know you want more, but we are two days behind that lot, and even though I want to keep you in here all to my self... I'm sure you want atleast some part of the treasure those scavengers are getting?" she licked up his neck and at his ear.

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